Does the original file have to be a word document?
No, PDF and Jpg. formats can also be submitted.

What happens if I don’t know the exact number of words of my translation?
No problem, just submit your text and we let you know how many words it contains.

How long will it take to translate the submitted text?
Our translators are able to translate up to 6000 words per day per person, depending on the text submitted. However, if you need fast translations, we will offer appropriate solutions for your needs.

I want to translate my website, how can it be done without additional formatting?
Websites can be translated online (you give our translators temporary access to your website) or offline (we translate you insert & format it yourself). Online website translations do not need any additional formatting work.

What does “native human translations” mean?
Translations from ETC Europ. Translation Centre Ltd are strictly generated by native human translators only.

What are the usual rates for translations by ETC Europ. Translation Centre Ltd.?
We are able to offer competitive rates to meet all your professional translation needs. Please complete our Contact form and we will be pleased to send you our price list, or, alternatively, use our Query form for an individual quotation.