Worldwide Personal Translation

ETC Europ. Translation Centre Ltd. provides foreign language translations by over 300 experienced multilingual native translators worldwide. The final translation will be carried out by a native speaker of the target language. Our comprehensive database of worldwide translators means that we can translate from and to a wide range of languages, such as Arabic, Chinese, English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Japanese and many more. Altogether more than 325 language combinations are available from native speakers.

Website Translation

Increasing globalization means that it is increasingly important for your international business to present itself by means of a professional, multilingual website.
After years of working with businesses from around the world, ETC Europ. Translation Centre Ltd. has collected together an international network of translators, who are able to translate your website, thereby overcoming geographical, language and cultural barriers. Our translators translate your web texts clearly, aimed at target groups and understandable to all. One of the first things to decide, therefore, is whether the translation will remain exclusively a linguistic exercise or if the text will be published on the web site. If the job is strictly linguistic, we will obtain all the HTML content we require proceed with the translation, as if it were any other form of document to be translated.

Certified Translation

For certified documents: Our current price list, including certified translations in the following language combinations is as follows: Polish – foreign language, foreign language – English / German:
Source Authenticated Translation*
German, English: EUR 25
French, Russian, Spanish, Czech: EUR 30
Bulgarian, Italian, Romanian, Slovak, Ukrainian, Hungarian: EUR 35
Danish, Latvian, Lithuanian, Dutch, Portuguese, Swedish, Slovenian: EUR 40
Albanian, Arabic, Bosnian, Chinese, Estonian, Greek, Hebrew, Japanese, Croatian, Norwegian, Serbian: EUR 45
*Rates are per page. Courier services are not included in the price; a calculation page contains 1125 characters with spaces.


Proofreading by ETC Europ. Translation Centre Ltd. checks the spelling, punctuation and grammar of your text, which will be adapted to your specifications (e.g. new German spelling, Swiss standards or English or American standards).

A detailed price and language list for all our translation services is available on demand. For an immediate quote please complete our “Query” form.
To find out how the European Translation Centre can help you in global matters, do not hesitate to contact us today.